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The Treasure of San Teresa 1959


Director: Alvin Rakoff


Writers: Jack AndrewsJeffrey Dell

Rôle: Rudi Siebert

Release Date: 21 July 1959

The_Treasure_of_San_Teresa Poster 1.jpg

Synopsis: Hidden somewhere inside St Teresa's Convent in Czechoslovakia is a box containing a fortune in jewels. A lot of people are after it.

Comment: Quite an entertaining film but once again Marius is playing a German officer, or rather ex-army officer and a rather dubious but very entertaining and well dressed character. I love the scene in the nightclub where he pays someone to start the brawl and then sits back and enjoys it, smoking one of his ubiquitous cigars!  Also love the shot where he is lying in the back of the car on top of the lorry smiling and clutching the box of jewels. You can almost him say "My precious!".

The Director of Photography was Wilkie Cooper who had started on films in the 1940s and went on to work with top film makers like Alfred Hitchcock, Michael Balcon, Launder & Gilliatt, and Raoul Walsh.

The film was made on location in Germany and England. The Convent of San Teresa and its graveyard (supposedly in Czechoslovakia) was actually filmed in a churchyard in England.

Clive Dunn, then 38 or 39, played the elderly cemetery keeper, complete with specs, anticipating his playing Corporal Jones in "Dad's Army" 12 years later.

Trivia: The beautiful belted sheepskin overcoat with the lambswool collar he wears, he first wore in Odette (1950) then later in the Maigret episode 'Peter the Lett' (1963) plus he's wearing his usual cream knitted gloves.

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Availability: DVD (Renown Pictures) Release Date: 10 September 2012.

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