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  • The Bear (1938): Grigory Stepanovitch Smirnov, a landowner with Lucie Mannheim

  • Box for One (1949): The Caller

  • BBC Sunday Night Theatre (1950-59 BBC TV series): Tommy Savidge in 'Promise of Tomorrow' (1950); Chorus in 'The Life of Henry V' (1951); Hjalmar Ekdal in 'The Wild Duck' (1952); General Harras in 'The Devil’s General' (1955); Dr Cranmer in 'The White Falcon' (1956); Crystof Walters in 'The Cold Light' (1956); Robert Clive in 'Clive of India' (1956) and Richard Brinsley Sheridan in 'The Lass of Richmond Hill' (1957)

  • The Harmfulness of Tobacco (1952 BBC TV): Ivan Ivanovich Nyukhin

  • You are There: The Trial of Charles the First (1954 CBS TV): Oliver Cromwell

  • Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Presents (1953-57 NBC TV series): Nicol Pascal in 'The Rehearsal' (1954)

  • Lilli Palmer Theatre (1955-56 ITC/NBC TV series): Reinhardt in 'Mossbach Collection' (1955) and Major Edward Carter in 'Episode in Paris' (1956)

  • The Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel (1955-56 ITC TV series): Sir Percy Blakeney/The Scarlet Pimpernel in eighteen episodes with Lucie Mannheim featuring in seven episodes

  • Gaslicht (Gaslight) (1956, TV Movie): Jack Manningham

  • Many Mansions (1957 BBC TV short): Lester Hockley

  • ITV Play of the Week (1955-74 ITV TV series): John Hagerman in 'The Breath of Fools' (1957)

  • Ein Idealer Gatte (An Ideal Husband) (1958, TV Movie): Lord Goring

  • Asmodée (1959, BBC TV Movie): Blaise Lebel

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