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Fall of Eagles 1974:

Episode 12 - The Secret War

Episode 13 - End Game

Directors: Michael Lindsay-Hogg, Rudolph Cartier

Writers: John ElliotKen Hughes, Keith Dewhurst

Rôle: Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg

Episode 12: The Secret War - In early 1917 the Russian revolution has begun in earnest. Troops are no longer following orders and are beginning to side with protesters. In Switzerland, Lenin and other revolutionaries are desperate to return and take advantage of the growing chaos and seize power. They cannot travel through France but are presented with the opportunity to travel through Germany. The German authorities are prepared to offer them safe passage hoping to encourage the Russian revolution thereby hurrying the Russian withdrawal from the war. This would allow the Germans to transfer more of their army to the Western front. Lenin reluctantly agrees and after a long journey, receives a hero's welcome in Petrograd.

Broadcast: 31 May 1974 BBCTV

Episode 13: End Game - With the U.S. entry into the war in 1917, it becomes obvious to the Germans that the war cannot be won. The Romanovs have been killed by the Bolsheviks and for Kaiser Wilhelm II, the losses are becoming too great. He reluctantly agrees to advice that they seek an armistice. As Germany descends into chaos - general strikes, riots, mass desertion of the military - the Kaiser resists attempts to have him abdicate. In the end, he is forced out and finds himself virtually alone and without any political support, eventually seeking asylum in Holland. With Emperor Karl of the Austro-Hungarian empire having fled as well, the last of the eagles has fallen.

Broadcast: 7 June 1974 BBCTV

Availability: DVD (Simply Media) Release Date: 1996 and available to watch through YouTube.

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