Break in the Circle 1955


Director: Val Guest


Writers: Robin EstridgeVal Guest

Rôle: Baron Keller

Release Date: 28 February 1955

Synopsis: An adventurer is hired by a German millionaire to help a Polish scientist escape to the West.

Behind-the-scenes Trivia: Article excerpt from The Guardian and Gazette 2 September 1954 an article on the filming "Ten Days Work in Eight Days by Film Stars: "Shooting completed at Polperro and Fowey. Realism in "Man Overboard" scene.

Marius Goring Overboard

Filming aboard a launch out in the Channel in a rough sea while travelling at twelve knots also has its hazards, as stage and screen actor Marius Goring discovered. He takes a leading part in the film and as the "villain" is destined for an untimely end in the sea. There was nearly too much reality in the scene played by Mr. Goring.

The scene demands the fall overboard from the launch, but the film executives decided to film one expedition. The largest his part so far and then substituting a "double". Mr. Goring disagreed and said he would play the whole part himself - including the falling overboard.

As he prepared to start the scene with the cameras focussed on him, the launch rolled heavily and he lost his balance, falling over the stern into the Channel. Five minutes passed while the launch manoeuvred to pick him up and he finally came aboard soaked and cold. But the cameras had followed him all the while and got the required scene.

More filming in mid-Channel was done on Tuesday when depth charge explosions were simulated. This was achieved by suspending explosive charges 3ft. below the surface of the sea and firing them electrically."

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