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Doctor Who:

The Evil of the Daleks 1967


Directors: Derek Martinus, Timothy Combe

Writers: David WhitakerSydney Newman

Rôle: Theodore Maxtible

Episode 1: Trying to find the stolen TARDIS, the Second Doctor and Jamie are lured into a trap by the Doctor's old enemies the Daleks.

Broadcast: 20 May 1967

Episode 2: The Doctor and Jamie investigate Waterfield's antiques shop, where they are knocked unconscious and transported back to the 19th century. 

Broadcast: 27 May 1967

Episode 3: As part of the Daleks' experiment, the Doctor manipulates Jamie into attempting to rescue Victoria.

Broadcast: 3 June 1967

Episode 4: Jamie and Kemel team up to try and find Victoria, while the Doctor and the Daleks continue to monitor their progress. 

Broadcast: 10 June 1967

Episode 5: With the experiment at an end, the Doctor begins to suspect the key to rescuing Jamie, Victoria and Kemel from the Daleks lies with Terrall. 

Broadcast: 17 June 1967

Episode 6: The Doctor, Jamie and Waterfield follow the Daleks to Skaro, where they discover an unforeseen consequence to their experiment.

Broadcast: 24 June 1967

Episode 7: The Daleks are poised to spread the Dalek Factor throughout the history of Earth and begin by implanting the Doctor.

Broadcast: 1 July 1967

Doctor Who logo 1967
Doctor Who - Evil of the Daleks - Radio Times TV episode listing
Evil of the Daleks article in The Radio Times May 1967

Trivia: Marius once again works with his co-stars John Bailey from So Little Time and Circle of Danger and Patrick Troughton from The Moonraker and The Scarlet Pimpernel.

Availability: Only Episode 2 is still in existence and can be viewed online from a number of different sources eg DailyMotion. The other six episodes are missing, but the audio and stills have been found and been reassembled by devoted fans and posted on YouTube.

Released by the BBC on DVD & Blu Ray on 27 September 2021 as a 7 episode animated series (in colour and black & white) using the exisiting audio recordings. It also includes a remastered Episode 2.

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