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  • Omnibus - Heart of Britain (1970 BBC TV Documentary)

  • Whodunnit? (1973 Thames Television Panel Show): Panelist

  • Fall of Eagles (1974 BBC TV mini-series): Paul von Hindenburg in 'The Secret War' and 'End Game'

  • 2nd House (1973-76 BBC TV series): Humboldt in 'Saul Bellow' (1975)

  • Wilde Alliance (1978 ITV TV Series): Rex in 'Things That Go Bump'

  • Holocaust (1978 CBS TV mini-series): Heinrich Palitz in Parts One & Two

  • Edward & Mrs. Simpson (1979 ITV TV mini-series): King George V in 'Venus at the Prow' and 'The Little Prince'

  • House of Caradus (1979 Granada TV series): Magnus Bronksy in 'Girl in the Blue Dress'

  • Tales of the Unexpected (1979-88 Anglia TV series): Dr John Landy in 'William and Mary' (1979)


  • Hammer House of Horror (1980 ITC TV series): Heinz in 'Charlie Boy'

  • Levkas Man (1981 ABC Australia TV series): Dr Pieter Gerrard in six episodes

  • Cymbeline (1982 BBC TV Shakespeare Plays) Sicilius Leonatus

  • The Year of the French (1982 RTE/Channel 4/FR3 France 6 part series): Lord Glenthorne in Episode One

  • The Old Men at the Zoo (1983 BBC TV series): Emile Englander in five episodes

  • Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense (1984-85 ITV TV series): Angus Aragon in 'The Late Nancy Irving' (1984)

  • Gnostics (1987 Border Television for Channel 4): Episode 3: Divinity of Man: Hermes Trismegistus & Prospero

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