Take My Life 1947


Director: Ronald Neame


Writers: Winston GrahamMargaret KennedyValerie Taylor

Rôle: Sidney Fleming


Release Date: 30 May 1947


Synopsis: Philippa Shelley races against time to clear her husband Nicholas Talbot of a murder he did not commit. While she works on getting proof, the prosecution is doing all it can to force a conviction.


Comment: This is a highly regarded British film noir and was the directorial debut for Ronald Neame. It is now considered a minor classic. Marius would co-star again the following year with Greta Gynt (playing Phillippa Shelley) in 'Mr Perrin and Mr Traill'.

Reviews: Excerpt by Robert-temple-1 in IMDb: "The scenes towards the end of the film really do become incredibly menacing and powerful, as Marius Goring, who plays the murderer in an eerie and intense style, can be seen calculating what he must do next, and sets about it with the methodical determination of a man who now has nothing to lose."


Trivia: Marius's nose was obviously altered with makeup to make him resemble Hugh Williams so when he is leaving the scene of the crime, the witness mistakes him for Hugh Williams' character. That he why Marius looks 'unlike' himself in this film.

Availability: DVD-R copies available through several sites and a remastered DVD available from Amazon UK.

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