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BBC Sunday Night Play poster

BBC Sunday-Night Play:

The White Guard 1960


Director: Rudolph Cartier


Writers: Rodney Ackland (Translation),

Mikhail A. Bulgakov (based on his novel)

Rôle: Alexis Turbin

Synopsis: It is November 1918 and the scene is the city of Kiev in the Ukraine, lately garrisoned by the German Army of Occupation but now threatened by the approach of a large well-equipped army of Cossacks.

There's no ammunition and food is desperately short in the city. But still attempts are made to raise an army of citizens to repel the invaders. Describing the impact of the collapse of the Tsarist Empire on a family of officers, this play centres on Alexei Turbin, Colonel of the White Guard, responsible for defending Kiev, and on his beautiful sister Helena, deserted by her husband and in love with a young lieutenant, Leonid Schervinsky.

Comment: Marius had previously performed the role of Leonid Schervinsky in a stage production of the play in 1938 directed by Michel Saint-Denis. Michael Redgrave had played Turbin in that production alongside Peggy Ashcroft as Helena.

Broadcast: 31 January 1960 BBCTV

The White Guard review by Maurice Wiggin in The Sunday Times 7 February 1960

BBC Sunday-Night Play:

The Devil's General 1960


Director: Rudolph Cartier


Writers: Robert Gore Brown (Translation)Carl Zuckmayer (based on his play)

Rôle: Harras (General of the Luftwaffe)

Synopsis: General Harras, a hero of the First World War, finds himself increasingly at odds with the new Germany of Adolf Hitler.

Comment: This is the second time that Marius had performed in the rôle of General Harras for the BBC, the first being in 1955 to great acclaim.

Broadcast: 14 August 1960 BBCTV

The Devil's General review in The Times 15 August 1960
The Devil's General article - When Cartier met the real general in The Liverpool Echo & Evening Express 13 August 1960
The Devil's General review in The Stage 16 August 1960

BBC Sunday-Night Play:

Call on Kuprin 1961

Director: John Jacobs

Writers: Anthony Steven, Maurice Edelman (based on his play)

Rôle:: Laye-Parker

Synopsis: After the manned satellite, the armed satellite. Kuprin, the Soviet rocket scientist, is working on a warhead for the Chelovyek. But Laye-Parker, M.P., and Smith, a Lobby Correspondent at the House of Commons, remember him at Cambridge before the war as an Anglophile married to an English woman. Can they, by a personal approach, persuade him to return to England?

Laye-Parker and Smith reach Moscow in their search for Kuprin. Laye-Parker is arrested by the M.V.D. on unspecified charges, and Smith, a reluctant partner in the enterprise, must carry on the search alone.

Broadcast: 18 June 1961 & 25 June 1961 BBCTV

A Call on Kuprin Part One review in The Times 19 June 1961
A Call on Kuprin Part Two review in the Times 26 June 1961
A Call on Kuprin review in the Daily Herald 26 June 1961

BBC Sunday-Night Play:

The Money Machine 1962


Director: Vivian A. Daniels

Writer: Richard Thomas

Rôle: John Lock


Synopsis: Alastair Moncrieff designs a banknote counter and he takes it to Olagem Ltd. Director John Lock realises that the counter can make a fortune, and determines that the fortune shall go to Olagem.

Broadcast: 3 June 1962 BBCTV

The Money Machine review in The Times 4 June 1962
The Money Machine review by Maurice Wiggin in The Sunday Times 10 June 1962

Availability: None of the four plays that Marius did for the Sunday-Night Play series are believed to still exist.

Drama 61-67 poster

Drama '61: The Cruel Day 1961


Director: Herbert Wise

Writer: Reginald Rose

Rôle: The Captain

Synopsis: A French Army Captain's transfer to a lonely outpost in Algeria may have appeared merely a routine posting to him. But dealing with the rebels forces him to face a problem he has shirked all his life: it forces him to face himself.

Broadcast: 19 March 1961 ATV

The Cruel Day advert in The Observer 18 June 1961
The Cruel Day review in The Times 20 March 1961
The Cruel Day review in The Daily Telegraph 20 March 1961
The Cruel Day review in the Coventry Evening Telegraph 18 March 1961
The Cruel Day review in the The Stage 23 March 1961
The Cruel Day review in the Halifax Evening Courier 17 March 1961
The Cruel Day review in the Weekly Dispatch (London) 19 March 1961

Drama '62: Room for Justice 1962


Director: Peter Sasdy


Writer: Jeremy Paul

Rôle: Mervyn Pemberton

Synopsis: Marius Goring is Mervyn Pemberton, a brilliant divorce barrister and Zena Walker is his wife Belinda. The meeting of two old friends, Belinda (Zena Walker) and Daniel, her ex-boyfriend (Dinsdale Landen), at a seaside hotel, leads to a crisis.

Broadcast: 30 December 1962 ATV

Availability: It is unknown if copies still exist for either of the plays Marius did for Drama 61-67.

Room for Justice review in The Times 31 December 1962
Room for Justice review in The Stage 3 January 1963
Room for Justice review in the Evening Express 31 December 1962
Room for Justice review by JBW in the Belfast Telegraph 31 December 1962
Room for Justice review by Anthea Hall in The Journal Weekend Magazine 5 January 1963
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