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The Third Man: A Question in Ice 1964


Director: Robert M. Leeds


Writers: John Warwick, Grahame Greene (based on his novel & character)

Rôle: Colonel Dimonella

Broadcast: 27 June 1964 BBCTV

Synopsis: When the body of an Italian partisan who was last seen with Harry Lime during World War II is discovered at the end of a glacier, Harry returns to the Alps to face retribution from the agent's former compatriots, including the man's father, Colonel Dimonella.

Trivia: An early television appearance by Oliver Reed as Pepi.

Availability: DVD (Timeless Media) Release Date: 5 May 2010.

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Mr Ponge (1965)


Director: Geoffrey Nethercott


Writer: James Hanley

Rôle: Mr Ponge

Broadcast: 9 December 1965 BBCTV

Synopsis: Mr Ponge is an eccentric man living in a boarding house.

He has discomposed his fellow boarding house residents. He smiles too much and walks down to breakfast...backwards.

They want him to leave. But, when he is confronted about leaving by the boarding house owner, things do not go well.

Availability: No copy is known to exist of this play. Most of the whole series (239 out of 286 plays broadcast between 1961 and 1973) are missing.

Mr Ponge review by Kari Anderson in The Stage 16 December 1965
Mr Ponge review by Bill Edmund in The Stage 16 December 1965
Thirty Minute Theatre poster
Mr Ponge review in the Liverpool Echo 10

The Year of the Crow (1970)

Director: Rudolph Cartier

Writer: Lida Winiewicz

Rôle: The Interrogator

Broadcast: 2 October 1970 BBCTV

Synopsis: The play is set in Italy in 1513 where the former Secretary of State (Nigel Davenport) is being tortured and interrogated because a book he has written is regarded as treasonable.


Marius is his former colleague and the interrogator.

Availability: No copy is known to exist of this play.

The Year of the Crow review in the Aberdeen Evening Express 2 October 1970
The Year of the Crow article in the Daily Mirror 2 October 1970
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