Love Story: In Loving Memory 1964


Director: Peter Collinson


Writer: Brian Clemens

Rôle: Robert Langley

Broadcast: 28 July 1964 ATV

Synopsis: Robert Langley (Marius Goring), successful and recently widowed, returns from a memorial service held for his wife. He finds a woman waiting for him at home. He recognises her as Jane Bridges (Elizabeth Sellars), the woman with whom he had been in love twenty years before. Jane tells him she has returned on a sentimental journey from America, where she was recently bereaved. Her husband has left her well-to-do and independent. She invites Robert to dinner, preparing to act out the lie she has begun. She has never been married, and she is not wealthy.

Daily Mirror 29 July 1964
"Marius Goring made the perfect romantic in last night’s ITV’s “Love Story” play which ended in a call for handkerchiefs all around from my viewing circle.
The play, “In Loving Memory”, by author Brian Clemens, looked like a cooked-up tale, yet most of what happened was true.
The trouble with truth is that it is not always stranger than fiction—often it is not so original.
The plot was a combination of several situations which have been used time and again: widower meets old flame, who is, at first, seeking revenge for being jilted; he talks her around and then dies in her arms.
As the widower, Marius Goring gave every line of the play a significance which it sometimes didn’t deserve.
His was the main role which he played so sensitively that only at the finish did the story seem just another romance.
Elizabeth Sellars, as the old flame, was good, and the production was up to the usual high standard of these stories.
One thing I did appreciate: the producer did not have to show the pair in bed in order to prove that they had slept together. He suggested it with enough force to make it obvious".