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The 25th Hour 1967


Director: Henri Verneuil


Writer: François BoyerC. Virgil Gheorghiu (from his novel),

Wolf Mankowitz, Henri Verneuil

Rôle: Colonel Muller

Release Date: 16 February 1967


Synopsis: In World War II, a Romanian gentile peasant, Johann Moritz (Anthony Quinn) is denounced by the village gendarme and sent to a concentration camp for Jews where, due to an error, he's drafted into the S.S.

Comment: Marius plays an SS officer from the Nazi Office of Racial Purity who questions Johann about his background and ancestry. As a result, he is pronounced of pure aryan blood.

Availability: DVD (Warner Archive Collection) Release Date: 10 November 2014.

The 25th Hour 1967.jpg
The 25th Hour review by Bosley Crowther in The New York Times 17 February 1967

Marius Goring & Anthony Quinn in The 25th Hour

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