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Marius Goring is our favourite actor and this site is a tribute to his life and career.


We have also researched his heritage and traced his Goring ancestry back to the early 1700s in the county of Sussex in England. The surname Goring was first found in Sussex at Goring, where at the time of the Domesday Book in the late 11th century, it was part of the earldom of Arundel. The name is spelled either Goring, Gorring, Goringe, Gorringe or Goreing and many more variations. Early notables of the Goring family were George Goring, 1st Earl of Norwich (1585-1663), an English soldier and politician who sat in the House of Commons between 1621 and 1628 and Charles Goring, 2nd Earl of Norwich (1615-1671), an English soldier and aristocrat.

We have only been able to trace his Buckman ancestry back to his great grandfather Thomas Buckman.


His mother's family on her father's side, the Macdonalds, were Scottish, from Lochcarron in the Western Ross area of Highland Scotland. We have traced them back to the late 1700s. His maternal grandmother was a Richardson and we have traced that ancestry back to his 10th great grandfather John Richardson born about 1537 in Durham. His paternal great grandmother was a Halford and we have traced that ancestry back to his 12th great grandfather Richard Halford born about 1490 in Warwick. 


Even though he spoke fluent German (he also spoke fluent French), he had no German heritage and is not related in any way to Hermann Goering/Göring, the German political and military leader and convicted war criminal. 

Goring Family Tree


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