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Tales of the Unexpected:

Season 1 Episode 3:

William and Mary 1979


Director: Donald McWhinnie

Writers: Roald DahlRonald Harwood

Rôle: Dr John Landy

Broadcast: 7 April 1979 ITV

Synopsis: When her husband William dies Mary Pearl is shocked that his will stipulates that his brain should be kept alive and observing her from the lounge sideboard. She determines that, even though he is dead, she will continue to annoy him.

Availability: DVD (Network) Release Date: 6 November 2008

Tales of the Unexpected poster
Tales of the Unexpected: William and Mary review in the Aberdeen Evening Express 7 April 1979

Hammer House of Horror:

Season 1 Episode 6:

Charlie Boy 1980


Director: Robert Young

Writers: Bernie CooperFrancis Megahy

Rôle: Heinz

Broadcast: 18 October 1980 ITC

Synopsis: A carved African fetish with voodoo powers has a dangerous mind of its own.

Availability: DVD (Madman Entertainment) Release Date: 28 October 2020

Hammer House of Horror poster
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