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Whodunnit? Season 1 Episode 5:

Dead Likeness


Director: Robert Reed

Writers: Jeremy LloydLance Percival

Rôle: Himself

Broadcast: 3 July 1973 Thames Television

Synopsis: This highly popular, light-hearted panel game, hosted by Edward Woodward and later Jon Pertwee, invited viewers to play detective every week between 1972 and 1978, pitting their wits against a team of celebrity sleuths to solve a fictitious murder mystery. 

Another baffling case—this time involving identical twins.

Comment: I'm an identical twin so the storyline in this episode is just one in a long list of that tired literary, film and TV trope that presupposes that if there are identical twins, one is good and one is evil. Who cares! Marius is charming, adorable and funny.

Availability: DVD (Network) Release Date: 20 November 2017.

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