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  • International Detective (1959-61 ABPC TV series): Ferdie Steibel in 'The Steibel Case' (1960)

  • BBC Sunday-Night Play (1960-63 BBC TV series): Alexis Turbin in 'The White Guard' (1960); General Harras in 'The Devil’s General' (1960); Laye-Parker in 'A Call on Kuprin' (1961) and John Lock in 'The Money Machine' (1962)

  • ITV Play of the Week (1955-74 ITV TV series): Purcell in 'The Darkness Outside' (1960); Charles Norbury in 'The Sound of Murder' (1964), Lewis Eliot in 'The New Men' (1966) and Robert Cosgrove in 'On the Island' (1967)

  • Drama 61-67 (1961-67 ATV TV series): Captain in 'The Cruel Day' (1961) and Mervyn in 'Room for Justice' (1962)

  • Das Leben von Adolf Hitler (Life of Adolf Hitler) (1961, Real-Film GmbH): Narrator (English version)

  • The Secret Thread (1962, TV Movie): Arnold Reed

  • 24-Hour Call (1963 ATV TV series): Sam Bullivant in 'Love for Caroline'

  • First Night (1963-64 BBC TV series): Grieve Wishart in 'The Youngest Profession' (1963)

  • Maigret (1960-63 BBC TV series): Peter the Lett in 'Peter the Lett' (1963)

  • The Third Man (1959-65 BBC TV series): Colonel Dimonella in 'A Question in Ice' (1964)

  • Love Story (1963-74 ATV TV series): Robert Langley in 'In Loving Memory' (1964)

  • The Great War (1964 BBC/ABC/CBC TV documentary series): Various voices in twenty-six episodes

  • The Mask of Janus (1965 BBC TV series): Dr Kapaka in 'Why Not Call Me Kruschev?'

  • Thirteen Against Fate (1966 BBC TV series): Monsieur Hire in 'The Suspect'

  • Out of the Unknown (1966-71 BBC TV series): Wattari in 'Too Many Cooks' (1966)

  • The Revenue Men (1967-68 BBC TV series): Kersten in 'The Traders' (1967)

  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1967 BBC TV series): Lord Linchmere in 'The Beetle Hunter'

  • Doctor Who (1963 BBC TV Series): Theodore Maxtible in 'The Evil of the Daleks' (six episodes in 1967)

  • The Wednesday Play (1964-1970 BBC TV series): Reverend Harrup in 'A Walk in the Sea' (1966) and Sir Hubert in 'Sleeping Dog' (1967)

  • Man in a Suitcase (1967-68 ITC TV series): Henri Thibaud in 'Blind Spot' (1968)

  • Les dossiers de l’Agence O (1968 COFERC/ORTF TV Series): Madame Sacramento in 'Le club des vieilles dames' (French TV series)

  • Der Monat der fallenden Blätter (The Month of Falling Leaves) (1968, TV Movie): Erster Geheimagent

  • Thirty-Minute Theatre (1965-73 BBC TV series): Mr Ponge in 'Mr Ponge' (1965) and The Interrogator in 'The Year of the Crow' (1970)

  • The Expert (1968-76 BBC TV series): Professor John Hardy in sixty-two episodes

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