Other Stage Rôles Articles/Reviews

Noah review by Ivor Brown in The Observer 7 July 1935
Mary Tudor review by Philip Page in The Sphere 21 December 1935
Mary Tudor review in the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News 27 December 1935
Marius Goring as Amor in 'The Happy Hypocrite' by Max Beerbohm with Ivor Novello as Lord George Hell and Vivien Leigh as Jenny Mere at His Majesty's Theatre, London 1936
Review of 'The Happy Hypocrite' in The Bystander 29 April 1936. Sketches by Rouson
Marius Goring as Max & Lucie Mannheim as Anna in 'Girl Unknown' by Ferenc Molnár at the New Theatre September 1936
The Witch of Edmonton review in The Bystander 23 December 1936
Review of Paul Leslie's 'Satyr' in The Bystander 30 June 1937 by A.V.C. with sketches by Rouson
Marius Goring, Flora Robson, Ena Dorne, Ellis Irving, A.E. Matthews and Patricia Mallinson in 'Satyr' at the Shaftesbury Theatre 1937
'Satyr' review Page 1 by Alan Bott in The Tatler 7 July 1937. Illustrations by Tom Titt
'Satyr' review Page 2 by Alan Bott in The Tatler 7 July 1937. Illustrations by Tom Titt
Review of 'The Last Straw' at the Comedy Theatre 1937 by Herbert Farjeon with sketches by Rouson. The Bystander 20 October 1937
Marius Goring, Lucie Mannheim, Andre Morell and Tom Gill in 'The Last Straw' at the Comedy Theatre 1937
'Surprise Item' review in The Sketch 16 March 1938 by Ivor Brown. Sketches by Robert Stewart Sherriffs
'Surprise Item' review by Herbert Farjeon in The Bystander 16 March 1938. Sketches by Rouson
'The White Guard' article in The Bystander 19 October 1938
Great Expectations review with illustrations by Eric Keown in Punch 20 December 1939
The Madwoman of Chaillot article in The Stage 1 March 1951
Ménage à Trois review in The Times 20 March 1963
Ménage à Trois review by Harold Hobson in The Sunday Times 24 March 1963
Norman Rodway and Marius in 'The Poker Session' at the Globe Theatre, London 1964
The Bells review by J.C. Trewin in the Illustrated London News 3 February 1968
The Demonstration review by Irving Wardle in The Times 20 November 1969