Man in a Suitcase: Blind Spot 1968


Director: Jeremy Summers


Writers: Victor CanningRichard HarrisDennis Spooner

Rôle: Henri Thibaud

Broadcast: 7 February 1968 ITC

Synopsis: Marcelle is a blind French girl, whose adoptive mother is robbed and killed. She places an advertisement for help in locating the killers which is answered by McGill. Strangely, however, both Marcelle's uncle and the French police try to warn McGill off the case. It soon becomes apparent that the innocent soirees that Marcelle regularly holds for other blind people are being exploited by a drug smuggling gang, placing her in danger.

Availability: DVD (Network) Release Date: 2008

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 Les Dossiers de l'Agence O:

Le Club des Vieilles Dames 1968


Director: Jean Salvy

Writers: Jacques Lanzmann, Jean Salvy, George Simenon (short story)

Rôle: Mme Sacramento

Broadcast: 15 April 1968 1ère chaîne ORTF (France)

Synopsis: A curious investigation is one entrusted to the Agency O. It is a question of finding the man who disguised himself as a grandmother to reach the Old Ladies Club, where he was registered under the name of Mme Sacramento, widow of the former President of Panama. A cheque for one thousand dollars was paid as a provision by Margaret Pitchard, a billionairess of Austrian origin, host of this club. A difficult job for Emile...


Comment: Marius does drag! While other episodes of this series are viewable on YouTube, unfortunately this one is not. We can't wait to see it but so far have only found it available for purchase as a 16 mm film on a French online site. It also appears to exist in the INA (Institut national de l'audiovisuel) archives, a repository of all French radio and television audiovisual archives.


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