I Was Monty's Double 1958

(US title: Hell, Heaven or Hoboken)


Directors: John Guillermin


Writers: Bryan ForbesM.E. Clifton James

Rôle: Karl Nielson

Release Date: 16 October 1958

Synopsis: During World War II, a British actor (M.E. Clifton James playing himself) impersonates Field Marshal Montgomery in order to confuse German intelligence.


Comment: Marius plays a German agent, Karl Nielson, living on Gibraltar, whom Major Harvey (John Mills), Colonel Logan (Cecil Parker) and M.E. Clifton James deliberately give misinformation to in order to confirm how effective the plan is working.

Trivia: The screenplay omits David Niven's part in the real operation. It was he, working for the Army's film unit as a Lieutenant Colonel, who first made contact with M.E. Clifton James. His role is taken in this movie by Major Harvey (John Mills).

Availability: Blu Ray (StudioCanal) Release Date: 10 June 2019.

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