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Levkas Man 1981


Director: Carl Schultz

Writers: Hammond Innes (based on his novel)Peter Yeldham

Rôle: Dr Pieter Gerrard

Rôle: 18 March 1981 - 22 April 1981 Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC TV)

Synopsis: Paul Gerrard is a man in search of his missing father, Dr Pieter Gerrard, a wayward archaeologist who has disappeared from Greece.

Availability: Available through YouTube.

Levkas Man poster
Levkas Man review in The Sydney Morning Herald 15 March 1981
Levkas Man article in The Sydney Morning Herald 23 March 1981

The Year of the French 1982

Director: Michael Garvey

Writer: Eugene McCabe based on the novel by Thomas Flanagan

Rôle: Lord Glenthorne

Broadcast: 18 November 1982 FR3 Lyon, Raidió Teilifís Éireann (RTE)

Synopsis: In 1798, a small force of French troops sail to Ireland to support the local rebels against the British forces under Lord Cornwallis.

Trivia: Marius plays Lord Glenthorne in the first episode.

Availability: Not currently available.

The Year of the French 1982 poster

Cymbeline 1982

Director: Elijah Moshinsky

Writer: William Shakespeare

Rôle: Sicilius Leonatus

Broadcast: 20 December 1982 BBC

Synopsis: Cymbeline, the King of Britain, is angry that his daughter Imogen has chosen Posthumus, a poor but worthy man, for her husband. So he banishes Posthumus, who goes to fight for Rome. Imogen, dressed as a boy, goes in search of her husband, who meanwhile has boasted to his friend Iachimo that Imogen would never betray him. Iachimo is determined to prove him wrong.

Trivia: Instead of ancient Britain, it was set in the beginning of the seventeenth century when Shakespeare wrote the play.

Availability: DVD (BBC)

Cymbeline poster
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