The Truth About Women 1957


Directors: Muriel Box


Writers: Muriel BoxSydney Box

Rôle: Otto Kerstein


Release Date: October 1957


Synopsis: A man recalls his relationships with the women he loved as he tries to help another man try to understand them as well.

Comment: Marius plays the brief rôle of Otto Kerstein, an art dealer, who admires the paintings of Sir Humphrey Tavistock's (Laurence Harvey) first wife Helen. Unfortunately, by the time Kerstein comes to meet Helen in Vienna, he arrives too late as she has just died. He is anxious to buy some of her paintings but Humphrey refuses to sell him any as he only has one left and cannot bear to part with it. Marius's Kerstein is very kind and sympathetic.

Availability: DVD (Network) Release Date: 16 November 2015.

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