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The Expert 1968-1976


Directors: Prudence FitzgeraldBen Rea, Ronald Wilson, Viktors Ritelis,

Paul Ciappessoni


Writers: N.J. CrispGerard GlaisterJohn Pennington

Rôle: Professor John Hardy

Broadcast: 5 July 1968 to 20 November 1976 BBCTV

Synopsis: John Hardy is a forensic scientist who works not only for the police but also for other interested parties. In 62 episodes over 4 seasons, Doctor (later Professor) Hardy investigates crimes with the help of his assistants. He shares his life and and, sometimes, cases with his wife, Jo, a GP.

Comment: This groundbreaking series was a huge influence for many following forensic dramas in the U.S. such as 'Quincy M.E.', all the CSI series and 'Waking the Dead' in the U.K. The premise in one particular episode Series 3 Episode 11 'Smithereens' of reassembling a broken bottle and finding a fingerprint was later used in Season 1 Episode 19 'Crime and Misdemeanor' of CSI: NY.

Availability: Most of the original colour videotapes of this show were wiped by the BBC. Although many episodes survive as black and white telerecordings, the entire four seasons were originally produced and broadcast in colour. Unfortunately, only 1 episode of Season 1 exists. However, 6 episodes of Season 2, 11 of Season 3 & all of Season 4 can now be viewed on YouTube (see listing below).

The Expert poster
The Expert Episodes (site version) new May 2023.jpg
The Expert article in the Radio Times 27 June 1968
The Expert review by Sylvia Clayton in The Daily Telegraph 6 July 1968
The Expert S1 E1 The Unknown Factor review by Angela Moreton in The Stage 11 July 1968
The Expert S1 E10 He's Good For It review by Ann Purser in The Stage 12 September 1968
The Expert S2 E9 Death in the Rain review by James Preston in The Stage 14 May 1970
The Expert review in The Daily Telegraph 5 April 1969
The Expert S3 E5 & 6 Whose Child? review by Patrick Campbell in The Stage 11 February 1971
The Expert interview with Marius Goring by Jim Willding-Jones in the Liverpool Echo 20 February 1971
The Expert review by Kenneth Maxwell in The Stage 18 March 1971
The Expert review by R.G.G. Price in Punch 7 August 1968
The Expert review by Mike Kerrigan in the Daily Mirror 26 April 1969
The Expert S2 E11 Post-Mortem on Harry Kirby review by Marjorie Bilbow in The Stage 19 June 1969
The Expert review by Sean Day-Lewis in The Daily Telegraph 29 May 1970
The Expert S3 E1 A Way to Die filming article by Linton Mitchell in the Reading Evening Post 24 September 1970
The Expert Radio Times article 18 September 1976
The Expert Series 4 preview article by Garry Shelley in The Sydney Morning Herald 20 November 1978
The Expert S4 E2 Blood Line review by Hazel Holt in The Stage 7 October 1976

Excerpt from a 2010 BBC Four documentary on crime and forensic science dramas

Excerpt from The Expert: Season 4 Episode 1 - The Second Appeal

Marius Goring as Dr John Hardy. Original autographed photo in our personal collection dated 6 June 1970
Virginia Stride & Marius Goring in  S4 E1  'The Second Appeal' 1976
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