The Expert 1968-1976


Directors: Prudence FitzgeraldBen Rea, Ronald Wilson, Viktors Ritelis, Paul Ciappessoni


Writers: N.J. CrispGerard GlaisterJohn Pennington

Rôle: Professor John Hardy

Broadcast: 5 July 1968 to 20 November 1976 BBCTV

Synopsis: John Hardy is a forensic scientist who works not only for the police but also for other interested parties. In 62 episodes over 4 seasons, Doctor (later Professor) Hardy investigates crimes with the help of his assistants. He shares his life and and, sometimes, cases with his wife, Jo, a GP.

Comment: This groundbreaking series was a huge influence for many following forensic dramas in the U.S. such as 'Quincy M.E.', all the CSI series and 'Waking the Dead' in the U.K. The premise in one particular episode Series 3 Episode 11 'Smithereens' of reassembling a broken bottle and finding a fingerprint was later used in Season 1 Episode 19 'Crime and Misdemeanor' of CSI: NY.

Excerpt from The Expert: Season 4 Episode 1 - The Second Appeal