The Old Men at the Zoo 1983


Director: Stuart Burge

Writers: Troy Kennedy-MartinAngus Wilson (from his novel)

Rôle: Dr Emile Englander

Broadcast: 15 September 1983 - 13 October 1983 BBCTV

Synopsis: A satirical series set in a zoo, which is plunged into a crisis when a giraffe called Smokey kills an assistant keeper.

Comment: Marius plays the eccentric head of the reptile house. His first scene, set in the zoo's canteen, is hilarious as he sings a song about the death of Filson, the assistant keeper in the giraffe house. "On top of old Smokey, all covered in snow, they found bits of Filson, the lad he laid low".

Trivia: Marius once again wears that large, oval pinkish ring that he has worn in many film and TV roles. Also, in a scene set in Dr Englander's office you see a framed photo on a cabinet of a young Englander in Nazi uniform. This is actually a photo of Marius as Stormtroop Leader Fritz Gerte from Pastor Hall.

The Old Men at the Zoo Poster.jpg

Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense: Episode Five: The Late Nancy Irving 1984

Director: Peter Sasdy

Writer: David Fisher

Rôle: Angus Aragon

Broadcast: 26 November 1984 ITV

Synopsis: Nancy Irving is an American professional golfer (Cristina Raines) on tour in England. She is also sought out by a reclusive millionaire (Marius Goring) because she has a rare blood type - and he now needs continuous blood transfusions or he'll die. His henchmen drug Nancy and stage her death...can a now-physical weakening Nancy find a way to escape his mansion and tell the world she is alive rather than being 'The Late Nancy Irving'.